Ayala Real Estate NFT Project


At Wake Up, get NFT of Ayala Real Estate in the Philippines, boasting the No.1 economic growth rate in southeast asia.

Ayala Real Estate NFT Project

  • Fragmentation of
    risk through small
    lot size
  • Ease of cashing
    in through NFT distribution
  • Easy to buy and
    sell at any time

Ayala Real Estate NFT Project refers to an asset management method that crosses digital data issued and distributed on the blockchain with physical real estate.
The application of NFT technology can bring the above three benefits.

What is NFT?

"Technology that creates new asset value
and a market for its sale in the digital space."
  • Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a kind of sibling of crypto-assets (virtual currency). Both are a kind of digital data that is issued and distributed on the blockchain.
  • NFT enables "cross-sectional use of data among multiple services" and "creation of a trading market for digital data" by recording the "meta-information" associated with digital data on a blockchain that is difficult to tamper with.
  • NFTs are defined as "digital data equivalent to appraisals and ownership certificates that are stored in a manner that does not allow forgery and can be accessed by anyone at any time". By issuing NFTs in the digital space, which are equivalent to ownership of a brand or a piece of land, the liquidity of the asset can be increased and the supply chain can be made transparent.

What is Wake Up
Real Estate?

At Wake Up, get NFT of Ayala Real Estate in the Philippines, boasting the No.1 economic growth rate in southeast asia.

Wake Up Real Estate" is a project to convert real estate into NFT using the cutting-edge technology of blockchain.
Until now, digital data could be easily copied and tampered with, so digital data such as physical jewels and paintings were not considered to have asset value. However, with the advent of blockchain, digital data on the blockchain can monitor each other for the legitimacy of each piece of data, making it harder to copy or tamper with, and making digital data have asset value.

Investment property token
NFT is currently being used in the field of digital art, but in the future, NFT will also be used for property such as movable assets. Line Clover-D Trading inc. and NoSleep's "Wake Up Real Estate" project aims to digitize asset-based contracts and give them a unique asset value by using NFT technology to build a new trading market.

About the examples of listed properties Listed property

Number of properties left
Here are some of the properties that we have available.
  • Avida Tower sola

  • Avida Tower sola


    Reliance cor Mayflower St, Mandaluyong City

    A 3-minute walk from the terminal station, which will be served by four train lines in the future, and the second giant IR casino, Solaire Resort & Casino, is under construction nearby.

    Quezon City is the largest city in the northeastern part of Metro Manila and was the capital of the Philippines until 1976. Quezon City is home to many government offices, the main campus of the University of the Philippines and other famous universities, as well as the headquarters of major TV stations GMA Network and ABS-CBN, and is also home to many celebrities and politicians.
    Avida Tower sola is a condominium being built by Ayala Land near TriNoma mall and Vertis North, a huge shopping mall developed by Ayala Land in Quezon City. This area is lined with offices and hotels, and construction has also begun on the second Solaire casino in Manila, a huge IR-type casino. In addition, a station complex with four train lines, including a subway line to be developed with Japanese ODA, is about to be completed.
    This is a very promising area in Manila, with the potential for the highest land prices in the country.

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The registration process for TORUS wallet is very simple, and you can create an account in a few tens of seconds using your Gmail or Twitter account.

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    Once the remittance is confirmed, an electronic contract will be sent to the email address you provided along with a receipt.
    Please sign the electronic contract and return it to us.

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    A link to apply for NFT receipt will be sent to the registered Gmail address for NFT receipt as soon as the customer information is confirmed to be complete.

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